Every order confirmed

How do you know the restaurant got your order? Simple. We confirm each and every order with the restaurant to make sure they got it. We’ll shoot you an email as soon as they do.
Easy right?

Safe &

We use the same web encryption technology as banks. No human ever sees your credit card number, not even the restaurant. You’ll never need to read your credit card number to a
stranger again.

100% Accuracy

Orders are printed at the restaurant exactly as you’ve ordered it. Rest assured that they know exactly what you want and when you want it. No more language barriers or misunderstandings.

Skip the

Using SideOrder means your takeout order is paid and ready to go when you arrive. Simply walk straight past the line to the pickup area. You’ll never wait in long lines again.

No rushed phone calls

Relax. Take your time. Browse and order at your own pace and on your own schedule up to a week in advance.
No more language barriers, disconnected calls, or being put on hold. With SideOrder you’re in control.

of menus

Clear out your menu drawer. We’ve got more OC menus
than anyone. High res scans and screen text make it easy to find your next meal.
Notice a missing menu? Let us know and we’ll add it.

Discover Restaurants

It’s our goal to list EVERY local & independent restaurant in OC. Chances are you’ll find something new.
Go for it. Try something different. You just might discover a new favorite.

Growing Everyday

Restaurants are joining SideOrder everyday. Check back often for even more options. Want online ordering from your local favorite? Recommending SideOrder helps you and them. It’s win-win!

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